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The founder of the Youth Homestead - Father Hermann Shultz

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You can join Fathers Hermanns mission with Your benefaction or prayers. Thank You


Basic information

Homestead for Youth by Father Hermann Shultz

Charity and support for children in Lithuania




Location. Homestead for Youth is located in Lithuania rural area Kėkštai. It is a big, lonely farm in the fields, surrounded by forest. This place in Lithuania was created by Salezian priest in 2000 June for children and young people from social risk environment, big families. Most large and low income families are still facing economic, geographic, social adaptation problems in Lithuania.

The Founder. The founder of the Homestead is lithuanian and german origin salezian priest – missioner Father Hermann Shultz ( born in 1939 10 29), who had hard childhood after loosing his father during the war, therefore he understand the situation of poorness. Father Hermann himself was a very noughty boy in his childhood until he met people from Christians Salezian organization, who are taking care of youth from poor families even now. Youngster had chosen priest vocation.

 Homestead in Rwanda. In 1979 Father Shultz had arrived in Rwanda ( Africa) for humanitarian and christian mission. Starting with just a tent, the industrious priest went on to build a youth centre that offered food, education and the teaching of trades.

         In 1994 father Hermann and Rwandas people had experienced a terrible genocide. About 800 000 people was killed in the civil war here. Children from the Youth centre was killed too, only 12 young people stayed alive  from the whole farm. Father began to rebuilt all the farm later, when situation in the state prepeared to become better. He is still working here now and after cruel war is giving a chance to children live more purposefully and hopefully.

         Later Father dreamed about  giving the same oportunities for social outcast children and youth in Lithuania and began to built here a shelter for all, who needs attention and care.


 Homestead for Youth in Lithuania. In 2000 06 01 Jaunimo sodyba was created. The begining in Lithuania was quite hard for all, who had worked for the Homestead benefit. There was a lot of work to do. At the start there was a few little houses in the naked fields for living. The idea of Youth shelter in Kėkštai attracted a lot of help and support from surrounding people and even other countries. Many of them just simple offered a hand. Volunteers from Lithuania and different countries helped farm to grow.  Later press and TV began to take interest in Youth work in Kėkštai.  Soon appeared various building structures for work, living and care.

Ecological Farm. Farm has some domestic animals like horses, ponies, goats, ducks, geeses, hens. Children can maintain these animals and eat fresh eggs, drink goat milk for good health. Animals has beautiful names, chosen by children - little ponies names are Pegasus and Blackberry.

From 2000 June 11 years had passed and Jaunimo sodyba in Lithuania became a beautiful and warm place for visiting children, young people and others who wants to join Homesteads volunteers works to make the world better.

The reason. The main reason for this place to exist is all the children and young people, who need a hand. The main problem is,  that children without proper employment and attention , especially children from large and low income families of social risk are tend to be absorbed in bad habits, such as early smoking, alcohol using and even  likely to commit a crimes.

Children education in the Homestead. For social risk children Homestead are offered many activities, which helps to improve the individual and feel better in the society. Children are living, learning here, doing their homework from school, playing, taking part in camps in summer, meeting volunteers and other interesting people from around. Children are learning to sew here and doing other handworks. Some children are especialy gifted in arts. It is sad, that many of them dont have a possibility to develop abilitys in Art shools. Youth Homestead partially rescues art educat situation, because  art specialists come to visit and  teach children in the Homestead to draw, dance and sing, theater practice and other disciplines.

 Children work and activities. Little hands are often helping with their work in the farm. They are managing the environment, carrying firewood in winter.  Thus they can feel work of the group and feel themselves as little shareholders of the farm they are often visiting. Children have  beautiful tradition in the Homestead to pray at the table before having a meal. They  are celebrating here some memorable dates , their own birthdays and other important events, meets rwandans. When Father Shultz returns from his mission in Africa, he often brings young people from Rwanda for a visit in Lithuania.

   The Holy Mass. Young people are often taking part in the Holy Mass at the Homestead togeather. People from surrounding villages comes to  listen of the Fathers Shultz speach.

   Comunication. Other Lithuanian Youth organizations sometimes comes to keep their projects here, in Jaunimo sodyba, because this quiet place is far from town and safe for young people  to do many activities, to feel the beauty of the nature landscape, communicate clearly with heart, mind and each other.


Facts about Jaunimo sodyba

Organization name :  JAUNIMO SODYBA ( traslating – Youth Homestead)

Adress:                         jaunimo g., Kėkštų k., Žalgirio sen., Kretingos raj, LT – 97161, Lithuania

E – mail:                        jaunimosodyba@gmail.com

Website:                       www.jaunimosodyba.lt

Telephone:                  + 370 650 87866

The legal status:         Charity and Support Fund

Founded in :                  2000 06 01

The Founder :                Salezian Priest – Missioner Father Hermann Shultz ( born in 1939 10 29 )

Director:                         Vaiva Stanevičiūtė


Practice:                     Children and youth care from social risk , large families, orphans care; social  projects with society, around and abroad; work with volunteers; camps  organizing; international youth exchanges, art workshops.

Structures:                60 ha  ecological farm, domestic animals; forest and rivulet around; 8 wooden houses for camps; house for children; fireplace, sports stadium, workshop.


Visitors:                     Children from social risk environment, spiritual organizations, youth,  education and  arts organizations.



Facts about Hermann Shultz

Name: Hermann Johan Shultz

Born:  1939 10 29

Birth place: Klaipėda ( Memel) , Lithuania

Origin:  lithuanian – german.

Life : lost father in 5 years. Lived in Germany with mother and brother till Salezian monks taked him to Italy for spiritual education .

Becoming the priest :  1968

Mission in Rwanda:    1978 – till now.

Civil war in Rwanda:  1994

Created Jaunimo sodyba in Lithuania : 2000 06 01


Text :  Edita Drungilaitė