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The founder of the Youth Homestead - Father Hermann Shultz

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The shelter of




          In a small and calm Lithuanian village, named Kėkštai (transl.- jay birds) people, who are  passing by,  insensibly can hear a shouts of children flock. you can see a big farm house near the forest with colorful flowerbeds and  livestock grazing in the fields. The silence of a quiet village since 2000 is clarifying by the children voices. The charity and support fund  “Jaunimo sodyba” was created here 14 years ago. The founder of “Jaunimo sodyba”, Lithuanian and German origin salesian priest, missionary Hermann Schulz had built this place for  children and youth from poor and social risk families. Children and youth without parents care are partially stored  here from bad habits, street life, bad influence and from making a crimes.

         There is no doubt for youth farm importance and the necessity after accidents, which  happens, when children are away from adults and living in the streets when parents is absent. 11 years boy, often lives street life together with his brother (10), because parents are often using alcohol at home. Once, when boys were playing in the unfinished construction, one of them had  fallen down into elevator pit from the second floor and  had got strong injuries. He is getting well now, but he became not very talkative and  walks hard. We hope he  will be finally well soon, because  he is sad he can’t run in the meadows in spring. There are 9 members in family of brothers. They are living in a small house in town.  Two eldest brothers are in  prison for crimes . The smallest member in this family, who helps mother in the kitchen, is 6 years old girl.

          There are four children groups in Youthfarm  - 2 Child groups and 2 Youth groups. They are living in the Youthfarm at weekends periodically. An exception is made for these brothers, because of  possibilities to  injuries - they are the main inhabitants in Jaunimo sodyba. One is  closely monitored by volunteers of the Youthfarm, because he likes to climb into the trees and high places, so he  can make a damage for himself. Despite  his sharp  and vibrant  behavior, 10 year boy is a great friend of priest H.Schulz, because Father Hermann was very naughty boy in his childhood too. When he is writing letters for the priest, he often likes to sign himself like “Me, the frog catcher”.        

            13 – 18 year old children are visiting the Youth groups. They are meeting volunteers and interesting people from around, who wants to share the experiences and knowledges with children of social risk. Angee is 16 years old girl. She stopped going to school, because she is now already waiting for the baby to come in her life. In the family of Angee  are 7 members. Her parents depends on alcohol, often uses violence at home. Eldest sister is engaged in prostitution and neglects her 2 children, who are living in an orphanage. Angee’s father  recently returned from the prison, where he  lived for 6 years because  of the murder,  where the eyewitness was Angee. The girl watch the sad example of  her  own family and it is possible - she can not  imagine her life can go  in another way. But hope remains.

                  There are many sad stories,  the volunteers have heard from the lips of children, living in the Youthfarm.  Most of children are very open hearted and wants to share  their life experiences with others, because it becomes easier to carry sad information. George is 16, but he looks like 12 years old  boy, because of early smoking and alcohol using. His organism ceased to evolve normally, the boy has problems in learning and has got an epilepsy disease after accident, where George was driving drunk at the age of 11 years. There are 4 children in family and mother is taking care of them alone. She has a work, but her payment often goes for alcohol, not for a food. The eldest sister is taking care of 3 brothers. She is 18 now. Who would take care of the brothers, when sister will leave home someday?

             In weekends, when there is no lessons at school, employment of children is a relevant problem, especially for children, who stays at home without appropriate parents care, when parents are working or are absorbed in bad habits. Children passes a long distances in highways, they are swimming alone in pools in summer, where there is a high probability of drowning, when there are no adults near.

             Jaunimo sodyba is one of  unique places in Lithuania, where children from social risk environment arrives in village, where the silence of nature, sincere and  working for their benefit people gives them warmth and knowledge,  which are necessary to be more involved in the society life. Most of big  families in Lithuania are facing economic disadvantage and social exclusion. Many of parents breaks down because of  difficult burden of life and can be involved in bad habits captivity. The most terrible habit is alcohol. Children without adults care lives in the streets and at the same time can be involved in the bad habits too. Most of these children don’t want to learn, they are stealing things, can make a crimes and  hurt themselves. In the safe Jaunimo sodyba community,  with the help of volunteers, children can  unfold spiritually, creatively and socially.

             Children  are the future plants. Jaunimo sodyba tries to make the present of children more transparent, beautiful and meaningful.  The organization was established on the basic ideas of Salezian priest St. Don Bosco, who said: “these children are the little diamonds on your way, just pick them up and  clean – they will start to shine”. Children, visiting the Jaunimo sodyba, are really thirsty for attention and approval of  adults. They feel themselves as a little shareholders of the farm and  are waiting for meetings, works, playing, learning here and  are trying to choose purposes of life.

              Jaunimo sodyba want to thank all the people, who are not indifferent to spiritual and material poverty of children. We wish abundant gifts of the Spirit for people, who contributes to the welfare of children in Lithuania and helps them to grow.